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Monday, March 06, 2006

Mobile App Companies

Mobio prides itself on delivering an exceptional mobile use experience and is building our products with an end-to-end rigorous approach to quality and performance. We conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity, and we demand these characteristics in our employees.

J2ME/MIDP developers J2EE/JAVA/C++ developers Web Services/XML/BPEL developers App Server/Application Software Platform Integration OAM&P JAVA Software & Integration developers Security Applications developers Mobile System and Handset Application Test/QA engineers

Kirusa is a developer and licensor of multimodal wireless platforms that enable wireless carriers and service providers to offer applications with integrated voice and visual interfaces. With the Kirusa Multimodal Solution (KMS), mobile users are able to simultaneously use voice, text, graphics, keypad, and stylus to interface with wireless services and applications.

The Kirusa Voice SMS (KV.SMS) application is a multimodal application that integrates voice messaging capability with text based SMS and multimedia based MMS. Based on patent pending technology, the application is designed for use over existing 2G and GPRS networks and handsets, as well as over the next generation EDGE and 3G networks and handsets. The application enables operators to launch easy to use, next generation messaging services quickly and cost effectively without needing to upgrade or replace their current infrastructure. Operators can choose a variety of advanced messaging services, tailored to the needs and interests of the youth, enterprise and mass-market segments.

The Kirusa Voice SMS application allows several options for users:

  • The user can initiate sending an SMS message using a voice message.
  • The user can send a RingFree(SM) voice message, without ringing the phone.RingFree(SM)
  • The user can send a message to one person, or to a group of people.
  • Using patent pending Click2Listen(SM) technology, the user can click on an SMS message to hear the voice message.
  • The user can respond by voice, or by text to an SMS message or to a voice messages.
  • On MMS handsets, the service integrates with MMS.


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