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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

All-Secure Vehicle Liberty Enhancement program


The Department of Homeland Security and the US DOT (Department of Transportation) have jointly agreed to enact the following security features designed and implemented to ensure the safety and well being of this nation's peoples.

A) All vehicles will be equipped with GPS receivers and CDMA transmission devices which will track, to within 2 meters, the exact position of each vehicle.

B) All fertilizer, farm equipment, fuel storage areas as well as non-public volatile chemical plants and warehouses will be monitored and if your vehicle remains within 10 meters of said locations for longer than 30 seconds an HSO (Homeland Security Officer) will be dispatched to ascertain the nature of your intentions.

C) All critical infrastructure installations (bridges, dams, power plants, airports, train stations) will be also be monitored as mentioned above with regards to your vehicle.

D) Operation of your vehicle in excess of ten continuous hours will result in the dispatch of an HSO to intercept your vehicle.

E) A monthly report will be mailed to your residence indicating the exact distance traveled, the number of sites frequented and the Federal Road Use and All-Secure Security cost incurred during that month.

F) All vehicle speeding violations will be calculated and each ticket's infraction cost added to your monthly tax bill.

G) Violation of any of the above security statutes will result in a six month close tracking surveillance during which time an HSO may indiscriminately inquire as to your destination and intentions.

H) Tampering or removal of the GPS transceiver will result in a $5000 fine and up to one year in jail.

For additional information regarding the All-Secure Vehicle Liberty Enhancement program please visit:


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