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Friday, September 08, 2006

Legalize drugs - send proceeds to schools - Political

Legal drugs would benefit the entire populaceThe US spends millions to spray herbicides on Columbia's coca plants - there by "halving" the number of acres under cultivation ... but...

A better idea would be to legalize cocaine and marajuana but with a tax catch. Have the govenment privatize the production and sale of these two drugs (the others are too destructive and costly for society). Swap out the private companies which do the production every 2 years - don't ever let a company have to contract for longer that 2 years. Only large drug companies could participate. Then take all net proceeds as an "entertainment" tax and use it to fund 2 things - rehab for drug addicts and education.

It would be a self balancing system - the more drugs sold - the more tax dollars for education which makes the kids smarter and less prone to drug abuse - which then reduces the drugs sold which reduces the dollars for education. and it then starts over again with the dumb kids buying more drugs which sends more dollars to the schools and so on and so forth.

Half the entertainment tax dollars would go toward drug rehab for the fools who get hooked.

The operating expenses accumulated by selling recreational drugs gathered by the pharmaceutical companies, the Pfizers and Smith/Klines, would help to reduce the costs of beneficial drugs.

The recreational drug users would benefit. As it's no longer a crime.
The drug addicts would benefit. They get free drug rehab.
The country's educational system would benefit. Big $s.
Schools and kids would benefit. More big $s.
Beneficial drug prescription costs would be reduced benefitting everyone.
Society would benefit by having law inforcement and the legal system concentrate on more grievous crimes.
Drug crimes would veritably vanish due to loss in profit - benefiting society yet again.

This is the ONLY way to combat drug use.


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