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Friday, May 04, 2012

Survey supported software

Want to develop a cool mobile app but you're afraid of charging for it? Don't think anyone will pay for it? (there being tens of thousands of free apps already) And you don't want to pollute your app with ads?

Survey supported revenue generation is the answer.

- We hope you're enjoying playing "Klingon Kingdom" to help support development costs we'd like you to take the following survey. -

Like "Captcha" is a service you can use to validate human interaction, and Dblclick, and Google Ads are all externally provided ad platforms, "Surv'Sup" provides targeted surveys and answer management for use in your applications. You include a Surv'Sup service link in your app and when you, the developer, feel the time is right to request a survey response from your users you prompt

Surv'Sup to provide a topically appropriate survey for injection right inside your app (or web page).

You earn revenue from the number and quality of surveys your users provide. Surv'Sup will take your users's survey responses, slice, dice, and package them for sale to interested demographic clients.

You can control the number of questions, the general venue and the frequency of survey prompts. Surv'Sup does all the rest.

The longer a user uses your application, the longer your surveys can become. At first you might just have Surv'Sup prompt quick and easy questions. But after extended use, you could enable Surv'Sup to probe deeper into your user's demographic and lifestyle information. The better the information - the more money you will make on each survey.


Fadebook receives no income from their 500m mobile users. Survey supported software could easily provide that income. Fadebook already deeply invades our lives, why not let it invade just a little bit more. Fadebook should be using surveys to tease lifestyle information from their users. And then sell the rollup and analysis of this information to retailers.

Not only that, WE THE USERS, should be given a cut. The more information we provide, the better picture we paint of our needs and wants, the more direct kick back we should receive for this information.

I've posted on this topic before. If Fadebook figures out how to pay their users for their content - forget it - all other social software will fail. G+ MUST figure out some way to compensate US for this content.

G+, hey!, I'll answer a few survey questions, if you pay me in Google Dollars...