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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Transitory Yahoo Groups

I belong to a couple of useful yahoo groups.

They work. And not because theu are microscopically focused. But because they consists of a special kind of people. A set of people who respect the inboxes of others. A set of people who only share what's "basically" relevant. But a group of people who are tolerant to off-topic discussion.

As I said I belong to a couple of groups like this. These groups are not narrow subject groups - but only groups of like minded people. Who have learned to respect each other despite the fact that they've never met. Who seem to learn what is content is right or wrong over time.

It's these groups I value above all others. Why? Because they are more like communities, like true village mentalities than the other antiseptically clean, sterile groups.

So I value these small, comfortable, intimate groups much more than any others.

But, and this is my thought for the day, the creation of severly on-topic groups may be something else entirely. They're not treated like this but I think they could be.

Surgical groups are like pure focus groups brought together for a "short duration" to achieve a group understanding in a particular subject. Why not create a group that is dedicated to the discussion of say, how the H5N1 can transmutate into a more virulent form of the avian flu. The key here is "short duration".

These groups should not be left to linger on and on, gathering digital dust. Left to languish until their purpose is lost. Why not set a time limit on a focus group type group? Give a group like "Cheny_one_shot_McDraw" a 2 month time limit. Invite a bunch of people with the notion that, this is not a permanent group. It WILL go away and you won't have to manage it ever again. But let's get together at the virtual coffeehouse and really hash this subject out. Let's ALL get our opinions out about it and then go on to something else.

What I'm saying is most of these groups should be transitory. While some of these groups, like the ones I value most, should be permanent virtual enclaves from which to venture out.

Thanks for reading,
Dave Cline

Monday, March 06, 2006

Mobile App Companies

Mobio prides itself on delivering an exceptional mobile use experience and is building our products with an end-to-end rigorous approach to quality and performance. We conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity, and we demand these characteristics in our employees.

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Kirusa is a developer and licensor of multimodal wireless platforms that enable wireless carriers and service providers to offer applications with integrated voice and visual interfaces. With the Kirusa Multimodal Solution (KMS), mobile users are able to simultaneously use voice, text, graphics, keypad, and stylus to interface with wireless services and applications.

The Kirusa Voice SMS (KV.SMS) application is a multimodal application that integrates voice messaging capability with text based SMS and multimedia based MMS. Based on patent pending technology, the application is designed for use over existing 2G and GPRS networks and handsets, as well as over the next generation EDGE and 3G networks and handsets. The application enables operators to launch easy to use, next generation messaging services quickly and cost effectively without needing to upgrade or replace their current infrastructure. Operators can choose a variety of advanced messaging services, tailored to the needs and interests of the youth, enterprise and mass-market segments.

The Kirusa Voice SMS application allows several options for users:

  • The user can initiate sending an SMS message using a voice message.
  • The user can send a RingFree(SM) voice message, without ringing the phone.RingFree(SM)
  • The user can send a message to one person, or to a group of people.
  • Using patent pending Click2Listen(SM) technology, the user can click on an SMS message to hear the voice message.
  • The user can respond by voice, or by text to an SMS message or to a voice messages.
  • On MMS handsets, the service integrates with MMS.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Empowering the third world

Title Neil Gershenfeld and empowering the third world
Synopsis An open letter to Prof. Gershenfeld
Ms. Murphy-Bottari, (susan at

I was fortunate enough to see Prof. Gershenfeld on C-SPAN recently and wanted to open a communication between he and I.

While I commend Prof. Gershenfeld on his successes in penetrating the bureaucracy surrounding aid to the third world I'd like to point out one fact: eight million people die each year due to starvation.

Now don't think this is some plea to directly assist these people. That's not what I think should be done. Feeding them today does not stop them from starving tomorrow.

No, what I would like to do is open a discussion about empowering these people to feed themselves. And the way I see this happening is through one shared technology - photovoltaic energy generation to both desalinate water as well as provide energy to run refrigeration, lighting and communication/computer equipment.

Water is life.
With water crops can grow. Hygiene can improve. Life is better with adequate water.

Energy promotes knowledge and industry.
With energy children can study and learn. Communities can become productive. Knowledge can be shared and increased. Health and welfare flourish in the presence of energy.

All the third world has to work with at this point are land, sea and sunshine. What they lack is fresh water and energy. Get them these two missing ingredients and you can empower them to feed themselves. Empower them in this fashion and you can then install the Professor's micro labs and kick start their future.

Now how do we get these people desalinated water and energy? Well I have various ideas but I rather see those like Prof. Gershenfeld and yourself take this concept and run with it. I'd like to participate if I can but I have no connections to those of power or money and know that power and money is what it takes to get concepts like this in place.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to any comments you have on this idea.

Dave Cline