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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Blue Across the Sea - a novel

Hey, I wrote a novel.

Blue Across the Sea

You can read the first chapter over at:

I'm looking for representation now. If I don't find any, in the next month, I'll be self-publishing. Here's my current query:

A raging storm threatens as Tillion sets out alone to fish the sea for their means of trade. Regretfully, his sister must remain with their father, a broken, untrustworthy man. ‘Fill the barrels and return’, Tillion tells himself. But the sea’s waves and the whims of the storm have other plans, insistent plans; wreck his boat and toss him out to drift, as he may, North into the hands of the Blues and their righteous sense of justice.

Seka and Warruf discover him, stranded on the beach, a meal for a pack of wild dogs. With well aimed arrows drawn by blue arms, the blue of solidarity, they scatter the pack, saving the lad. “Your ship is wrecked, you’ll die alone. Come with us,” they implore.

Tillion’s life revives anew among the Blues of Murtaugh. The Blues prosper in the remnants of a future world devoid of electricity, technology and medicine. Tillion’s thoughts carry him back across the sea to his sister. A return trip south lingers like the smell of distant pines. To rescue her he’ll need a ship; perhaps the Blues of the North can assist. But first he must earn his keep and gain their trust, a thing they give sparingly.

BLUE ACROSS THE SEA is complete at 90,000 words. It speaks across ages but young adults craving speculative fiction may enjoy it most.

I thank you for your time and thoughtful analysis of my work.