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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Search and Rescue - an advertising dream

"Today the rescue of four corporate executives, two from Pepsi Co and two from Nike Inc. was begun. It seems that the four well experienced adventurers were back country treking when they became disoriented during a whiteout conditions and now are three days over due.

"Pepsi Co spokesman, Norm Anderson, states that no expense will be spared in the search and rescue of two of their own."

"Nike, who has also pledged complete support of the rescue, is fully prepared to send their own adventure experts to the scene to help in the effort."

"Today, the four executives from Pepsi Co and Nike were found safe and healthy in a snow cave in the Cascade Mountains. They had come prepared for just such a possibility and were well aware of the risks involved. Their families were ecstatic to find them alive and well. A joyous reunion commenced as the troop returned to the rescue base camp."

"Pepsi Co and Nike should both be commended in their dedication to their compatriots. It is high time that companies extend such compassion to their employees."


"Today a grand inquiry has exposed the plot perpetuated by four Pepsi Co and Nike executives to use the emotional rollacoaster of a mountainous search and rescue as a means of raising the publicity level of their two companies, Pepsi Co and Nike Inc."

"This egregious use of our National Guard resources and the fraudulent tugging of the nations heart strings in this sinister attempt to attract gobal attention to a commercial entity is heinous in the least."

"These four individuals should be deeply ashamed of what they've exacted from the county's people. They've cheapened every search and rescue team's honest and courageous ideals. Future souls, lost and alone in the wilderness, will now have to question if their rescue will be pending now that the business of rescue has been popularized by 21st century media and corporate propaganda."


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